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Sketching in the Field

Creative workshop June 18-22 and/or June 25-29 2018

Participants: min 6 – max 16 per week

Course Description:

This course is intended to help individuals develop their artistic and observational skills. Lessons will focus on visual media development to record imagery using advanced drafting methods. These skills are an asset to travelers who keep visual journals and scientists who collect data in the field.

Throughout the course a range of processes and materials will be explored. During the first week we will focus on the technical application of drawing, using pen and pencil. The second week we will be transitioning from monochromatic to color media. Each project is designed to further the participant’s understanding of how to observe and sketch from life. The fascinating and varied environment of Siracusa will be the primary focus of study and source of inspiration.

This course will be split into two, one-week parts and can be taken independently of one another. Those who choose to attend both sections of the program will be offered a discount on tuition.

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Course lecturer

Rosa Loveszy is a scientific illustrator and native new yorker. She has traveled and worked alongside professionals in a variety of scientific fields, allowing her to explore the connection between science, art and travel. Her teaching philosophy is based on the fundamental development of analytical perspectives which can be effectively used in the context of artistic expression—not restricted to a specific setting. Appreciation for museums as well as the outdoors continues to invigorate her work and ignites her passion for teaching the very skills she’s acquired along her adventures.

Application deadline 20 May 2018

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