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These courses are designed for those who want to combine a language course with a program of varied, interesting activities. In the mornings, students have guided tours, practical activities and lectures on Sicilian themes, then in the afternoon Italian lessons are held. The pace is relaxed and there is free time for study and rest so that you can get the best out of your stay in Siracusa. If you are looking for a gentle ‘study-holiday’, then this is perfect for you.

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The Never Too Late course also includes guided tours, activities and lectures, and other optional activities can be added.

Starting dates 2017
(For both 2-week and weekly courses of all levels)

❖ January 2017 Sunday 15 th
❖ February 2017 Sunday 12 th
❖ March 2017 Sunday 19 th
❖ April 2017 Sunday 9th (over the Easter weekend, activities will be organised so participants
can take part in the traditional Sicilian Easter festivities)
❖ September 2017 Sunday 17 th
❖ October 2017 Sunday 15 th
❖ November 2017 Sunday 12 th
❖ December 2017 Sunday 3th (Participants can experience the celebrations of the Immacolata (8 th Dec.) and the local patron saint, Santa Lucia (13 th Dec))


For further information and application form, please contact:     +39 366 190 7984     +39 0931 449262

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