2018 The Survivor’s Guide to Stable Isotope Ecology II

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Stable isotopes are a powerful and ubiquitous tool in modern ecology. When used correctly they can unlock the mysteries of food-webs, species interactions and migration patterns across the globe. However, incorrect use can result in an expensively compiled, useless datasets. This course will give you the skills to maximise the benefit of the use of stable isotopes to your current or future research.

After last year’s very positive response to the first ‘Survivor’s Guide’, we are happy to offer The Survivor’s Guide to Stable Isotope Ecology II from 14th-21st April 2018.

The course will be held on the scenic island of Ortigia, the historic centre of Siracusa in Sicily, Italy. Course instructors include leading experts in the application of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur to marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecology in addition to expertise in the growing field of compound specific stable isotope analysis and the analysis of stable isotope data.

The course is tailored to postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers with some or no experience.

The course programme includes a combination of lectures, field activities and data analysis to provide the students a thorough understanding of the use of stable isotopes in ecology through hands-on experience.

Course Lecturers:

Prof. Chris Harrod, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile


Dr. Tamsin O’Connell, University of Cambridge, UK


Prof. Seth Newsome, University of New Mexico, USA


Dr. Brian Hayden, Science Manager, Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Dr. Alexia Massa-Gallucci, SCIE Center, Italy – AquaBioTech Group, Malta

www.sciecenter.org     https://www.aquabt.com/staff

Guest lecturer

Prof. Salvatrice Vizzini, Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Palermo



Application by January 12th 2018 at info@sciecenter.org

To apply, send a letter of support from your academic supervisor and a half page letter of intention detailing your research interests and experience and how you intend to apply stable isotopes in to your current or future project.

Check the SIE Sicily 2018 programme above for more details and course fee.

For more information, please contact info@sciecenter.org 

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