“For in olden times, Siracusa was a city of five towns,
with a wall of one hundred and eighty stadia...
Ortygia is connected with the mainland, near which it lies, by a bridge,
and has the fountain of Arethusa,
which sends forth a river that empties immediately into the sea” (Strabo)


"The greatest Greek city and
the most beautiful of all" (Cicero)


“On the misty sea, an isle, Ortygia, lies
Over Trinacria, there where
the mouth of Alpheius bubbles
Mingling his waters at
the spring of gentle Arethusa” (Pausanias)


"We rowed round the greatest part of its walls
without meeting a human creature;
those very walls that were the terror of the Roman arms;
from whence Archimedes battered their fleets,
and with his engines lifted up
their vessels out of the sea…" (Brydone)

core features

Custom and Faculty-led programs

SCIE offers logistical and specialised teaching support for custom programs for schools, colleges, and universities interested in visiting Sicily. The SCIE team has many years of experience in the field of study-abroad programs, making them ideal partners for supporting visiting faculty and taking the stress out of the organisation. With strong links to the local community, SCIE offers students a unique experience in Siracusa and Sicily, organising original activities and experiential learning opportunities that add an extra dimension to their visit to the island.

Workshops and summer schools

SCIE organises workshops and summer schools for undergraduate and postgraduates, where the focus is on giving students hands-on experience in the field, under the guidance of expert faculty members, with local and international professionals. Siracusa is the perfect place to study classical civilisation in all its facets - history, archaeology, mythology, philosophy come to life here, especially in our summer courses in digital archaeology and excavation opportunities. The natural surroundings of Siracusa are incredibly varied, offering unique opportunities to study aquatic biology, geology and volcanology.

Italian language and culture courses

SCIE offers courses in Italian language and culture to students of all ages, nationalities and academic backgrounds. Italian language lessons can be combined with culture and literature, but also archaeology, art and architecture, conservation, sustainability, and earth sciences. Courses can be made-to-measure, although we recommend at least two weeks as a minimum length for beginners Italian language courses.

Study-holidays for all

SCIE organises holidays with a purpose. These holidays include lessons dedicated to the study-theme and a series of other activities, such as cooking classes, guided tours, lectures, but leave time to simply enjoy the atmosphere of Ortigia. Our study-holidays can be dedicated to Italian language, but also to creative writing, artistic and cultural activities or to food. SCIE provides an ideal environment in which to try something new, like travel journalism, sketching or book and paper making. Watch our website and facebook page for the study-holidays coming up in 2017

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A list of authors and titles accepted in the preliminary round appears below. For the list with full abstracts see Abstracts Accepted in the Prel...

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Sicily Homecoming Tour 2018 features a visit to Assisi, home of Saint Francis, with Professor Bruce Forbes There are three different packages available: 12 day “Early Arrival” Package, 9 day “S...

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Second edition of the International Course on Stable Isotope Ecology organised 14-21 April 2018 with SCIE Center in Sicily, Italy. We have assembled a team of leading international experts Chris Harrod, Tamsin O'Connell, Seth Newsome and Brian Hayden.The topics will cover the application of stable isotopes to Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial ecology as well as in the growing field of compound specific stable isotope analysis and the analysis of stable isotope data. Places are limited, so register fast. For further info and details:
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Good morning and buongiorno from Catania and Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy ! 📸Flora Bakandi #EuropeanAutumn #EuropaUnited

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Don't miss the second edition of this great course! Our international team of experts in stable isotope data collection, analysis and interpretation will reveal all.
Contact for more information
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The Survivor's Guide to Stable Isotope Ecology II

aprile 14, 2018, 1:00pm - aprile 21, 2018, 4:00pm

Stable isotopes are a powerful and ubiquitous tool in modern ecology. When used correctly, they can unlock the mysteries of food-webs, species interactions and migration patterns across the globe. Thi...

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